Time to unite

Last week, we discussed unity in all of our classes because we feel this is a very important topic to talk about. I bet if you turn on the news right now, a majority of it will be about the awful things happening in our world today. They will either talk about war, crime or political division. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn on the news and actually get happy news worth reporting such as people coming together and helping one another, loving one another. It seems to me the only time we come together is when tragedy hits. Why wait until something bad happens for us to unite. I don’t understand it. I always tell my students that I love the martial arts particularly the discipline of Taekwon-do because martial arts don’t see color. Martial arts only see people no matter what you look like and no matter where you come from. This is how the world needs to start looking at people because at the end of the day, we all live under the same sky, breathe the same air, bleed the same. My birthplace doesn’t define me. My skin color doesn’t define me. My faith, my love for the human race and my belief in the goodness in people are the primary architects of the person I am today. There is no need for all the nonsense and violence we experience in our lives today. There is too much unnecessary violence and too many innocent lives lost for no reason. Why? because we have yet to learn to live together and accept each other for who we are and what we believe in. As my man Alpha Blondy put it “Why send children of God to kill other children of God in the name of God?” Well, there is a question worth pondering over, don’t you think? We are all the same people and it is high time we all come together and work together, love one another, help one another and treat one another with respect and dignity. Way back during the time of slavery, racial discrimination after that and apartheid, people were judged by their appearance. We figured long ago that racial prejudice only breeds ignorance and intolerance and instead of coming together as one, we find other ways to further divide us. One of my favorite raggae singers Mr. Lucky Dube said “One time we were judged by the color of our skin and now we are judged by the color of our flags” and then he added: “Let us unite against being divided.” So, to all the people reading these words it is time to unite against being divided. The time is now to come together. These are the teachings of Taekwon-do and as a student of the art, these are among the words I will live and die by.