Haradin Munishi
Haradin Munishi
2nd Degree Black Belt
Program director/Instructor
Mr. Haradin Munishi is a 2nd degree black belt. He is one of two of the instructors to go from white belt to 2nd degree black belt in the kicks system. He is originally from Kosovo. He moved to the US in 1999 as a result of the war in his country. Mr. Munishi is one of the most talented martial artists and one of the most accomplished instructors in the nation. His passion for the martial arts is a very close second to his good positive nature. Mr. Munishi is somewhat shy but this shyness disappears whenever he is in the ring for he is one of the most respected fighters in the state.

Mr. Munishi recalls his favorite martial arts memory being when he was a white belt because everything was new and interesting to him and he was in awe of it and just wanted to grasp it all. He was hungry for knowledge and would not stop until he got it all.

His favorite weapon is the Bo staff. He says it’s because he knows how to use it and is comfortable with it but as a true martial artist, he is eager to learn and master other weapons such as the sword.

What Mr. Munishi enjoys most about teaching Martial Arts at Silver Lining Taekwon-do is watching the students’ development through their training. Seeing a white belt set a goal to become a black belt and work so hard on that goal despite all the challenges each belt level presents is nothing short of dedication and that’s what martial arts training is all about.

Mr. Munishi decided to be an instructor because he’s always had respect and love for martial arts. "I always had the desire to practice martial arts and I remember as a child, I did not have the opportunities most children have nowadays. I used to wish I could have someone to teach me. When I finally had the chance to train and become a black belt, I wanted to give the opportunity I did not have growing up to young children and in doing so hopefully inspire them, help them believe that they can achieve the same if they put their mind to it. You never know when or how you’ll make a difference in someone’s life and I hope that I have made a positive difference or inspired someone in their life."

In his free time, Mr. Munishi enjoys playing soccer, the real football as he calls it. He has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember. "I’m not the best but just like martial arts, I strive to get better every day." Mr. Munishi values family and friends a lot, so he spends as much time with them as possible.

Mr. Munishi thanks God that he and his family escaped the war and made it to the US safe and sound after so many hardships. "I don’t see myself living anywhere else. I enjoy living here and it’s become my home."