Jon Wirtzfeld
2nd Degree Black Belt
Mr. Jon Wirtzfeld is a 2nd degree black belt. He lives in Madison with his family. He is one of two instructors at Silver Lining Taekwon-do who came up through the ranks to 2nd degree black belt in the kicks system. Today he is one of the most accomplished instructors the school has. His dedication to the martial arts and to his students is what makes him so successful at what he does.

Mr. Wirtzfeld recalls his favorite martial arts memory being testing for his second degree black belt alongside his dad who was testing for his first degree black belt.

Mr. Wirtzfeld’s favorite weapon is the Kama. He is extremely talented with this weapon. He also likes breaking boards and just pushing his body to the limit. Recently Mr. Wirtzfeld has taken to extreme martial arts and is becoming quite a stunt person.

When asked what he enjoys about working at Silver Lining Taekwon-do, he says that he couldn’t imagine a better job. "I get to do something I love while passing onto other the knowledge that I acquired in my years with the organization. The best thing about this job is finding students who love doing karate as much as I do and are inspired to learn all that they can."

Mr. Wirtzfeld was inspired to become an instructor because he had a lot of great instructors during his time at Kicks and from the beginning he had always wanted to be like them! Now that he is older, he tries to have the same effect on all the students he teaches.

Mr. Wirtzfeld is a high school student at Verona area High School. When he graduated from Middle school, he was one of two students to receive the Principal’s Award which is given to the two students who have demonstrated the highest level of integrity and leadership throughout the school year. Mr. Wirtzfeld was nominated to the National Honor Society and is currently taking advanced placement classes. He is active in the youth ministry program at church. He is a huge Green Bay Packers football and Brewers baseball fan. He loves working and hanging out at their family cabin up north.