Each Silver Lining Taekwon-do experience is delivered with high enthusiasm, positive energy and a comprehensive approach designed to improve body, mind and spirit. Hear what some members of the Silver Lining Taekwon-do community are saying:
  • Testimonial"Mr. Mbow isn't just the greatest martial arts teacher I've ever had, he's the greatest teacher I've EVER been fortunate enough to learn from in life.He respects the individual, as well as the whole class, and works to train both at the same time with amazing grace, spirit, and integrity. I can promise that you won't find a better martial arts instructor for yourself or for your child. He's a master of the arts, the mind, the body, and the spirit. And he'll make you and your children laugh like you never have before... as you're experiencing the burn and enlightenment of his amazing workouts and classes.He's both old school and new school and knows how to balance those types of philosophies oh so well." (Ken M.)

  • Testimonial"I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Mbow for almost 4 years. He's an AMAZING instructor, leader and truly puts his heart into his students. He's an awesome self- defense trainer and is the best of the best! Doesn't matter the age- he will have an impact on your life, or your family members!!!" (Jamie W.)

  • Testimonial"Their instructors are great. My son is in the little kickers and at his age (5) they do an amazing job teaching at his level, interacting with him and making the class enjoyable for him. They definitely make anyone that walks through their door feel welcome and part of the family." (Breanne I.)

  • Testimonial"Mr. Mbow and his staff of instructors have consistently delivered a great quality lesson and leadership. My kids are nearly blackbelts and have enjoyed the instruction and environment. Thank you!" (Jeremy A.)

  • Testimonial"There is truly no better place for learning martial arts! Mr. Mbow is a child whisperer who strikes the delicate balance between commanding respect and showing kindness, between fierceness and grace, and between focus and playfulness. Our daughter is a completely different kid and we know it's because of the guidance of all the instructors at Silver Lining." (Amy R.)

  • Testimonial"In over 40 years of martial arts, I have had the opportunity to train with many people. Mr. Mbow is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever had the honor to work with and a very talented martial artists as well. He has also surrounded himself with a talented and knowledgeable staff all dedicated to not only helping their students advance in martial arts, but in all areas of their lives. The Oh Do Kwan Martial Arts Association is proud to have him and his school as members." (Kevin M.)

  • Testimonial"If anyone in the Madison Wisconsin area is looking for a great martial art school, please check out Silver Lining TKD! I have personally known Mr.Mbow for quite some time, and can tell you that he not only is a great human being and martial artist, but he cares about all his students at every level, and the quality of training they receive, and uses it as a tool for self improvement!" (Richard B.)

  • Thank you "Mr. Mbow and the other instructors at Silver Lining Taekwon-do are amazing! Students learn and practice integrity and respect, along with their martial arts instruction. My son Michael's experience over the past six years has helped shape him into an amazing kid. Thank you Mathiam and Silver Lining Taekwon-do" (Heidi Z.)

  • Testimonial"My son LOVES to go to karate and has so much respect for all of the instructors. He has been motivated since day one, which is impressive for a squirrely 7 year old. More importantly, he is learning values that he will carry with him for life. Highly recommend!" (Katie G.)

  • Testimonials"This place is wonderful, and I really can't say enough good things about it. When I started attending classes, I was an adult with no martial arts experience who hadn't done any real exercise in years. I was really worried that I'd feel overwhelmed and out of place. Two classes in I was hooked, and I've never looked back. The instructors are amazing, and they foster a wonderfully positive, supportive environment where each student learns and improves at their own pace. Instruction includes all aspects of taekwon-do, from forms to self defense and even including the occasional history lesson. It's a great workout, too: (Mariah S.)