Events and Testing


Your child will spend a certain amount of time in each belt rank. He/she will earn stripes along the way to help him/her figure out what they need to work on before they are eligible to graduate to the next belt. Students will need four stripes on their belt before they can graduate. The first stripe represents knowledge of the techniques for their belt level. The second stripe represents knowledge of their combinations and the third stripe represents knowledge of their form. From Green belt through Brown with Black stripe, they will need four stripes before they can graduate. The first through the third stripe are the same as the ones listed above. The fourth stripe is for demonstrating sound knowledge of all the required knowledge without help from an instructor. Additionally, starting in Green belt, student will need to have sparring credits in order to be eligible to graduate.

Belt graduation is a way for your child to see their accomplishments and build on what they have learned, demonstrating valuable life lessons in hard work and self-worth.

You will be notified in advance of your child’s progression and proposed belt graduation. Registration in advance is preferred and recommended. Belt graduation normally takes place on Saturdays.


As a charter school of the United States KIDO federation, Silver Lining Taekwon-do will offer several tournament opportunities to students who like to compete throughout the Mid-West and on a national and international level.


Occasionally we have special drop-in events (Valentines Day, etc.) to give busy parents a break. Sign up is required in advance. Watch our Facebook page for events.