Perhaps of all the skills that martial arts teach people, commitment is one of the most valuable lessons. People always talk about being committed to something but never see it through. This means they were not really committed in the first place. So, before we talk about committing to something, let us first talk about how one comes to this state. 1- First you must decide what you want to commit yourself to. 2- You must figure out what value this commitment will bring to you. How will this improve your life? 3- You must identify the time it will take you to achieve your goal and decide if it’s worth it to you and if you can stay committed and focused that long? 4- You must identify the potential setbacks and challenges and craft a plan to deal with them so you are not derailed from your goal. 5- Identify all the available resources that can help you stay committed. 6- Create a rewards system and give yourself a pat on the back for each milestone achieved. This will help you renew your commitment and will give you more courage to keep going. 7- Discipline yourself to work hard because success doesn’t fall in your lap. It takes hard work and of course commitment. So, when I teach my students about commitment, I teach them all of these required steps to see things through. Most people are in the habit of saying they will do something and then never finish it. This is a very bad habit to build. Always finish what you start. It meant something to you in the first place and I believe that the value you saw in whatever you started didn’t just vanish but what changed is your commitment to it. Teach yourself to always finish what you start. At Silver Lining Taekwon-do martial arts school we always teach real commitment to our students and we always give them all the support they need to be successful so long as they remain committed because we have an unwavering commitment to help them be the best they can be.