Good evening friends, when we train in the martial arts, Taekwon-do in particular, we learn so many valuable life lessons and one of those is GRATITUDE. Gratitude is a very powerful word that I feel its meaning is sometimes misunderstood. Most people think being grateful is only when someone does something good for you and you show them that you are grateful by thanking them Gratitude is much more than that. It’s showing appreciation for what you have in life, whether you believe in a divine power or not. It’s showing appreciation for the people around you and all the positive contributions they make in your life directly or indirectly. No man is an island and whether you choose to think you owe all your success to your hard work, you still have to remember that someone influenced you along the way; a teacher, mentor, parents, siblings, friends or even complete strangers. Being grateful means recognizing what all these people along with all external natural forces brought to your life to get you where you are. Another aspect of being grateful is also being able to show appreciation when things don’t go your way or when you are feeling down and depressed. The reality is no matter how bad you may think you have it, there is always someone somewhere who’s got it worse than you do. Also, no matter how dire a situation may be, be grateful that you still have your life, health and people who love you. Be thankful for that. Thank you for reading and keep training hard.