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Are you a parent searching for a positive activity that will help your child focus and learn patience and self-control?

Is your child being bullied at school or have you noticed his or her grades slipping?

Do you have a painfully shy youngster who needs a confidence boost or better social skills?

Are you a teen or adult who wants to improve your fitness level, but hates the gym?

Do you avoid travel or are afraid to walk down the street alone because you don’t know how to defend yourself?

Are you searching for a way to beat the stress of everyday life?

Do you want to find a safe, comfortable place to learn martial arts without judgment, a place that becomes like family?

Silver Lining Taekwon-Do is your answer.

We inspire our students – children and adults alike – to adopt a positive mindset and overcome life’s challenges.

Let us help transform your life or your child’s life today!

We offer a wide range of youth programs, from Taekwon-Do training for ages 4-12 to an after-school program to birthday parties and summer camps.

Our teen and adult programs include traditional Taekwon-Do training and street smart self-defense classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are classes offered and how often?

All belt ranks from Little Kickers to black belts will have three class options per week. Please refer to the schedule on the website for correct dates and times of classes for the belt rank you are searching for.

Can we do a trial lesson before signing up?

Yes, all prospective students are encouraged to do a free private lesson so we can assess the student and give recommendations for which program will better benefit the student. If time doesn’t allow it, the student can also come and participate in a Little Kickers or white belt class and we can assess them that way as well. Our goal is to make sure to place the student in a program that will be fitting for their skill level.

Do you offer Self-Defense classes?

Yes, Self-Defense is an integral part of Taekwon-do training. When one joins the program, they will also receive self-defense training. We also offer special self-defense training for those who want to learn the skills without taking martial arts classes. This is done through private lessons and can be one-on-one sessions or group sessions. We also provide corporate self-defense classes for busy working people and for companies that are looking for ideas for team building activities.

Do you offer Summer Camps?

Yes, we offer weekly camps all summer long except the last week of summer. We take this week to rearrange and set up the room for our after school program before the start of the school year. Camps are with extended hours going from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. to accommodate busy working parents. You can sign up for one week or all weeks of summer depending on your needs. Summer Camp tuition includes all field trips, morning and afternoon snacks. Customers are responsible for bringing their own lunch. Tuition depends on full or part time needs. Please call the school at 608-836-5660 for more information.

Do you offer After School care?

Yes, we provide after school programs in Middleton with transportation. We pick up students from all the elementary and middle schools in Middleton (please see the list of schools we pick up from). When kids arrive at the Taekwon-do school, they will have time to enjoy a snack (to be provided by family) before their martial arts class. After class, they spend the rest of the time playing games, creating art or whatever they want to create. We nurture their creativity and imagination. Or, they can simply enjoy some quiet time reading a book. Parents have until 6 p.m. to pick up their children. All staff working with children in the after school program are background checked and carefully selected. Your children will be in a perfectly safe and nurturing environment and they will be cared for by a professional staff that will keep them safe and make sure they have fun.

The after school program is available on a part time basis (minimum of 3 days a week) and full time (5 days a week). Tuition will depend on the number of days and number of children enrolled. Please call us at either 608-836-5660 (Middleton) for more information.

What are the membership options available?

Silver Lining offers multiple membership options to accommodate people’s schedules and budgets. You can enroll for any of our programs on a full time basis (up to three classes a week) or part time (one class per week). Either option will get you to your goals, but of course attending classes once a week will take longer. However, we also have an App that can be found in the App Store to help supplement your training. Download the App today and enter 6088365660 when prompted to enter the studio code.

All customers will have different membership options to pick from:

  • Month to month: There is no membership agreement
  • 6-months membership (full or part time)
  • 12-month membership (full or part time)
  • 6-month Little Kickers membership (full or part time)
  • 12-month Little Kickers membership (full or part time)

I attend classes once a week, if I miss a week can I make it up?

Yes, if you miss a class one week, you can take 2 classes the following week or whenever your schedule allows you to take two classes in a week to make up for the one missed.

Can I put my membership on hold?

This will depend on the circumstances and the reasons one needs to put their membership on hold. However, we do everything in our power to help our members.

How does belt promotion go?

Belt testing or belt promotion is a way to showcase what your child has been learning in class. For Little Kickers, testing takes place every other month. This is because the Little Kickers are on an 8-week curriculum rotation with a theme each week. Once they complete all 8 themes, they promote to the next belt and the process resets. For all other students, testing is based on merit. Students must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of their curriculum as well as live to the fullest the life lessons, the Taekwon-do tenets and student oath they learn in class in each session. Students will be awarded 4 stripes on their belt and each stripe represents adequate knowledge of that part of the curriculum. Once all stripes are earned, the student is then put on a tentative test list for the current month. Testing happens on the last Saturday of every month. However, just earning the stripes and being on the test list doesn’t guarantee that the student will be eligible to test come test day. They must continue to practice and demonstrate knowledge of curriculum and perfect execution of technique.

How do I know when my child is ready to test?

You will know that your child is eligible to test when he/she receives all stripes on their belt. We will also email you with the date and time your child’s test will be held.

If I can’t make the scheduled test date, can I make it up?

Yes, but we encourage all students to participate in group testing. This is part of the training that teaches them to be comfortable performing in a large group setting and overcoming one of the biggest fears people have which is public speaking. However, if you cannot make a regularly scheduled test for whatever reason, you may request a private test. A private test fee may be assessed on top of the actual test fee depending on the circumstances.

How do I schedule a private lesson?

Private lessons are available for purchase and the cost will depend on the number of sessions and duration of sessions students want to purchase. Cost varies between $35 and $65 a session. When you purchase a package of 5 sessions, we give a 6th private lesson on the house. Private lessons are scheduled during business hours and provided there is an available instructor and that it doesn’t take away from the experience for regular classes.

Do you offer birthday parties?

Yes, we provide themed birthday parties for up to 20 guests. An additional fee may be applied for any additional guest. Our birthday parties last for 2 hours. We decorate the room according to the theme selected; we provide the entertainment and the food. We also do the set up before and cleaning after the party. The customer is responsible for birthday cake and party favors if they choose to have these at the party. If the customer wants to open gifts at the party in front of guests, we’ll make time for it. If they choose to open gifts once they return home, we will continue to play with the guests and have more fun. Any games the kids want to play in a birthday party is welcome so long as it is safe and inclusive.

The cost for a birthday party is $350 and includes food, drinks, and decorations, set up and cleaning.

My child's uniform doesn't fit anymore, how do I get another one?

Each new student gets a uniform when they sign up for classes. However, when the student outgrows that uniform, you can purchase a new set at the front desk. New uniforms cost $45.35 with tax.

What is sparring and why does my child need to take this class?

Sparring is an integral part of Taekwon-do training. Sparring at Silver Lining Taekwon-Do is light contact and is a way for students to put into practice everything they learn in other classes. This class allows them to test their skills against other students. It allows students to develop reflexes and learn to work under pressure. It teaches students to problem solve and also gives a great cardio workout.

How can I pay for services?

You can pay for services using different methods:

  • You can pay with a credit or debit card (there is a 3.5% transaction fee added to the total)
  • You can pay by check or ACH withdrawal
  • You can pay with cash

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