Birthday parties at Silver Lining

Give your child the birthday party that they and their guests will remember for a long time!

At Silver Lining Taekwon-do, our birthday parties are filled with fun activities and martial arts demonstrations that will leave long lasting memories and a big impression!

We make birthday parties easy for parents:

  1. Give us the guest list, and we'll send out the invitations for you. If you want to send them out yourself, go for it!
  2. Birthday parties are two hours in duration
  3. Silver Lining provides pizza and drinks to all guests in attendance
  4. The Silver Lining staff does all after-party cleanup

You will be responsible for bringing the birthday cake of your choosing, party favors and decorations if you want to have the school decorated for the occasion. These items are personal preferences, and that’s why we have you bring them along for your party.

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