Help your child develop confidence and physical awareness! 

Come to any class, and you will see smiles and hear laughter as well as respect and focus! Parents and our community are an integral part of each class, helping your child connect what he/she learns to home and beyond. 

We offer two class levels: 

  • Lil’l Kickers martial arts (ages 4-6)
  • Kids martial arts (ages 7-12).

Classes are ongoing and run 3x/week for each group. Click here to see the class schedule!

Our instructors integrate new students easily into the class and give extra support to new students

Belt graduations for Lil'l Kickers and Kids Taekwondo:

  • The Lil'l Kickers program runs in eight-week cycles, with belt graduation at the end of each period.
  • Children in the kids Taekwonddo program graduate to the next belt through demonstration of thorough knowledge of their curriculum and application of learned life skills at home and beyond.

Belt graduation is a great way to develop confidence and self-esteem as your child progresses to the next level. It is also an excellent way to teach students the importance of setting goals, working toward them and the satisfaction of achievement. 

The time it takes between belts is to ensure that students have enough time to master the required knowledge for their current belt level and also to learn about patience and the importance of the work ethic required to achieve goals.

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