Lil'l kickers program.

Boost your kid's self-confidence, memory, and coordination. 

While participating in the Silver Lining Taekwon-do Lil’l Kickers program, children will learn attributes that they will be able to apply to their training, but more importantly, tools that they will be able to use in real life.

Enhance listening skills, instill a sense of discipline and teach them the value of good focus.

The Lil’l Kickers will work on coordination, balance, fitness, and team work. Each week in the Lil’l Kickers program, we use different themes:

  • Balance – Physical and mental
  • Control – Physical and emotional
  • Coordination – Improved motor skills and fewer injuries
  • Discipline – Self-motivation to do the right thing
  • Fitness – Stay active and healthy
  • Focus – Improve listening skills
  • Memory – Build muscle memory
  • Teamwork – Learn to work with others

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